Steve Denvir. Freelance advertising copywriter.

Welcome to itaintrocketscience.ca. My name’s Steve Denvir, and I’ve been writing advertising for over 20 years now.

Mostly with big international agencies, like BBDO, JWT, Y&R, and FCB.

And mostly with big international clients. Like DaimlerChrysler, Pepsi, KFC, Campbell’s, and a whole bunch of others(after 20 years, they start to pile up).

Being based in Toronto, I’ve dealt with my fair share of big Canadian clients as well, like Bell, Labatt’s, Scotiabank and RBC.

Do accountants have award shows? Funeral directors? Maybe they could borrow some of ours.

And like just about anyone who’s any good in this business, I’ve lost track of the number of awards I’ve won. Suffice to say that my work has been recognized in every major Canadian awards show, as well as internationally, in the One Show, Cannes, the Andys, the New York Art Director’s Show, Communication Arts Magazine, the Clios, and the New York and London International Advertising festivals.

When I started as a freelance copywriter, I worked primarily with agencies, but over the years, my focus has shifted to working directly with clients. I still enjoy working with agencies-often on new business pitches-but when an agency hires me as a freelancer, I’m usually there to solve the agency’s problems, not the client’s problems.

You remember clients? The people who pay our salaries? The reasons for our professional existence?

And I’m in this business to solve clients’ problems.

So please take a look around the site. Look at some of the work. Go over a case study or two. And then look elsewhere. No, really. Take a look around and see who else is out there.

See if there’s another freelance advertising writer on the internet with the same breadth of experience. With the same quality of work. On the same kinds of accounts.

And then give me a shout.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.